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Today im gunna speak my mind

Listen up!

fanatics for oasis
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This is for the lovers of Oasis

Mad Fer It? yes indeed. Welcome to an oasis community! this community is welcome to everyone.

:ADVERTISEMENT**(such as for tickets, posters, t-shirts, cds, etc..). Feel free to advertise whatever oasis stuff you'd like to sell. Please don't give personal information (such as addresses, telephone numbers etc..) in the community since it is open for everyone. You should allow the buyer to contact you through IM, or email.
:Promoting is allowed! promote your community here! i love seeing new communities and checking them out. If you are a member, and have a problem with this please let me know
:Getting off topic is allowed. I mean, yes this is an Oasis community and mostly everything is about Oasis, but feel free to post pics you've taken, what happened in your day etc... This is suppost to be a friendly community.

:People who don't like Oasis
:People who plan on bringing down people who like Oasis

PROMOTE (if you want to):

♥ your moderator,

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